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SnowyCP has had some very exciting news for us so far. They’re currently in beta! I got in touch with the Owner of SnowyCP, Apy, and he gave me sneak peeks I’d love to share with you all today. SnowyCP is really a unique server to play on, it has many cool features and different items. They’ve decorated their rooms and website way differently and it’s just truly amazing!

SnowyCP’s staff members are working really hard to try and find bugs and report them to the Owner to fix ASAP. They’ve done a pretty swell job looking at the pictures given. They’ve decorated the town really creatively and I think you’re all going to love it!

The town gives you a really good vibe. It gives you a positive mood and it welcomes the users very well. In addition to that, you’ll notice how there’s a mail icon at the top right, that’s for private messages. Exciting right? SnowyCP has added private messages to their server. If someone you need is away, you could just give them a private message and they’ll respond to you as soon as they can.

SnowyCP has added their very own custom emotes. Talk about creative, huh? SnowyCP has added many different custom emojis to make the server a lot more fun! Private messages are really useful, if you needed to talk to someone privately, you’d usually go to a different room where no one else was. But, no need to do that anymore! Private messages got added onto the server for you to read only + you can stay where you are.

They’ve also added custom background! Let’s take a look at that:

Next up, the Spanish server. SnowyCP has a Spanish server since a lot of users speak Spanish. Here’s a picture of the Spanish server:

More about their creativity is that they’ve also added custom snowballs too. Not just colored snowballs, but custom ones. You can customize it and choose the snowball you want!

Lastly, SnowyCP’s games are currently working, except for Card Jitsu, which will be fixed soon. SnowyCP’s staff are working super hard to try to get this CPPS out soon for all of us to play. Have any questions? Feel free to join the SnowyCP official discord and ask on there. Any questions regarding this post? Ask on the SpeedyCPPSHQ Community Chat. Adios! 🙂


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