Snowcone.cc: Downtime

Hi guys,

You all must be wondering WHY Snowcone is down? It is because they got hacked by someone named Jared, if you visit their twitter you will see “RIP SNOWCONE THE DB IS DELETED”.

The real question is, how did Snowcone get hacked? It got hacked because the whole staff team tried to fire Jared, and then Jared decided to take revenge from them. The reason the CPPS got hacked is because Toxic gave access to Jared, here is the proof.

Here is my tip, never give access to anyone until you trust them. VirtualPenguin ddosed the Snowcone staff team, because they were advertising on their server. However the developer Toxic is planning to release Snowcone once again, so make sure to visit SpeedyCPPSHQ if you want to be updated about this!

Stay safe!


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