Sneak Peek: CPPS.me Upcoming Features

Hey, everyone!

We’ve had the privilege to be approached by none other than B00mX0r in regards to an exclusive sneak preview on what the CPPS.me team has been working on.

The brand new updates include a brand new Private Messaging system and Widget Panel.

Special thanks to B00mX0r for providing extensive answers to these key questions.

What will make this new PM system better than the older one?

The new PM system fixes all the problems of the old one, such as not updating who’s online and offline properly and some text going past where you can see it.

We’ve all come across an awkward situation like this. It’s time to kiss these moments goodbye forever. With the fix of common private messaging issues, you will not longer have to suffer correcting yourself multiple times, and send the clear message you desire.

What will this new PM system look like?

The PM system is planned to be situated adjacent to the game, hosting a very modern design. Let’s take a peek at an exclusive first look of the design.

This very clean look has made it much easier to send and view private messages. But how easy is it?

How easy will this be to use? 

You’re two clicks away from starting a new conversation.
It’s easy to tell when you have an unread message because of a little bubble with the number of unread messages next to the “Messages” text.

Are there plans of making any further additions to the new PM system?

We hope to add a few more features too before final release such as a dark mode as has been suggested.

A dark mode is in the works to further the widgets panel’s unique feel. Who wouldn’t love that?

Will private messages be logged, and is there a way to report abusive PMs?

CPPS.me never has and never will log private messages.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to devise a way to report private messages without compromising user security, though we have considered the problem.
If you are being harassed in private messages, please do !help immediately and a moderator can then watch your private messages as they come in to look for suspicious activity. Moderators can only view user PMs sent while they are watching the user and if the user has requested it. We log all times that a moderator watches a user’s PMs to verify that they do not abuse their powers, and users have requested moderators log their PMs before and moderators have caught users breaking the rules via PM as a result.
Again, we never have logged PMs and we never will. Users deserve their privacy and it is outrageous to log something with the word “private” in its name.

It’s great to see servers that care so much about user security & privacy. Even with the introduction of these new features, your security and privacy level will be maintained to the greatest standards.

We heard about the upcoming Widget Panel, can you tell us more about that?

The widget panel allows us to utilize the currently blank parts of the play page to improve user gameplay, through making widgets such as easily-legible private messages and one place where you know will save all of your notifications to view later.
With the Notice Board and Messages widgets, we’re showing a taste of what we can do with this new widgets system. We hope to add even more sophisticated widgets in the feature to further improve the unique CPPS.me experience.

With the innovative introduction of widgets, the widget panel will become your home to host widgets such as the Notice Board and Messages. This will be forever expanding, with the plans of introducing more widgets within the panel as time goes on.

Do you have a planned release date of the Widget Panel?

We hope to release in very early January, but if beta testing finds bugs then we aren’t going to release something that we don’t think is ready.

Will we expect any downtime with the implementation of these new features?

No. All the dev work we’ve done for the widgets panel has been through livepatching. We have not needed to restart the servers at all from the beginning of development to today. Absolutely no other CPPS could introduce such a major feature without a restart.

Do you have any further comments for the CPPS.me userbase?

Happy holidays!
Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your break.
We thank B00mX0r for his time, and we hope you are all ready for these brand new features rolling out approximately early next month!

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Happy Holidays!



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