Sky Penguin – Wonder Awaits…

Greetings Penguins,

Hmm…. Sky Penguin sounds like.. Maybe a new Club Penguin Private Server? What do you guys think? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then you’re certainly correct! Sky Penguin is a newly released CPPS in public beta, Owned by Spencer, Developed by Selene, Charles and Severus. I’ve just recently made an account, and I surely am impressed with the amazing work they’ve done. They don’t have many features as of yet, From the looks of it. They may be having a few customized features possibly in the near future.. Hopefully I’m not wrong! Some information about Sky Penguin, Following statements by the Head Developer Selene.

• We are an AS2/AS3 CPPS. We can switch between AS2 & AS3 as we choose. We are currently running as a traditional AS2 CPPS.

• At the end of our beta and development, we will be crediting all of those who have helped in any way.

• Here at SkyPenguin, we believe in opportunity. Everyone gets a chance to do something. Unlike other places, we see your potential and bring the spotlight to you.

You can go ahead and pre-register using the link below. Now let’s get onto some in-game snips.

Chilling in-game!!!

Hm.. Maybe a player editor now?

Neat, simple player editor! Just click the circled member badge for it to appear on your screen!

Not much to show as of yet since they’re still in the open beta stage. Hopefully, we’ll see more features and uniqueness anytime soon! Now, Let’s begin the interview, here with me is the Head Developer, Selene.

What do you plan on doing in terms of security and user growth?
Security is honestly our top priority. We will secure phpmyadmin with specific users, and remove the root user. As we grow, we will most likely shift to SHA256 instead of MD5. We stayed with MD5 for now so that we can go through bugs easier.

What are your future plans for Sky Penguin? Should the users expect any new unique features?
As we go along, and as I learn more PHP and ActionScript, I plan to design more rooms, custom maps, more islands, and even weapons.

How long has Sky Penguin been in the Development process?
This has been on-going for a very long time. We first started this CPPS with the name “CastleCP”. We had no developers, and I had very little experience. 1 year later, it became SkyPenguin. It has taken atleast 2 months since I started the development process with a source and mediaserver.

What has inspired you and the other fellow Administrators to create Sky Penguin?
We wanted something where users had an opportunity to get to help out in the community. Which is why we will have jobs in the games for all users to be able to have. They can have a paycheck with coins coming in! (It will be similar to the Tour Guide system) As well, we wanted something very fun and interesting! We really thought about the things we wanted in this game.

Do you have any further comments for the users?
As we have worked vigorously on the game, I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it! SkyPenguin is open to all users and we really hope to change the way CPPSes are portrayed to be even better.

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A huge thank you to Selene for taking her time off, to answer a few questions for you guys! Loved the answers! If you guys have any other questions, I suggest you go to either Selene, Spencer, Charles or Severus. You can visit their site and Discord server above. Our work here is done, thanks for reading and hope you have a great rest of your day!

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