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Hi guys,

The team has been hard at work updating and upgrading Speedy CPPSHQ.

Apologies for the short downtime, as you may now notice our site now has a complete new look & face-lift. This is a pretty big deal to us.. as we’ve kept the same WordPress theme since 2012, when we first launched. We felt Speedy CPPSHQ was too bulky, and we should downgrade in the way we presented our image. With hours of thought and planning, we have decided to cut away parts of Speedy CPPSHQ, leaving you with only want you need.

The theme was carefully selected to suit our website, and so we have also removed useless features on the blog, and features that tend not to get much attention. Above, you will see our core pages. These pages are the most important pages on the blog, and will feature highly. If you scroll to the bottom of the blog, to the footer, you will notice some other pages for extra information on Speedy CPPSHQ.

We have decided to scrap the contributor rank, so no longer Speedy CPPSHQ will play host into having CPPS contributors. We would like to personally thank Super, Dev321, Visa, Fang, Flippy, Nombix, Creek, Arthur, Joey and Ozymumbles for joining the contribution team, we had a lot of fun together, and learned a lot in CPPS development from them.

We are now looking to hire 3 new authors to the team. We require individuals who can post in a professional manner, and have some experience in blogging or writing or simply as keen as wanting to post CPPS updates regularly. If this sounds like you, please drop us by an application, which all applications, including past applications, are now going under review. We have removed the ‘Apply’ page. You can now apply for author via the ‘Contact Us’ page, in a ticket form. The requirements of the application can be found directly under the ticket system, here.

We would like to take on any suggestions from the community in ways we can further improve Speedy CPPSHQ. If you have any suggestions, or something we removed that you want returned, please leave a quick note on what you would like to see on Speedy, below:

Thank you,



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