Monthly Shout-Outs: CPPS Solstice



Today I interviewed Nuno the interim Owner of Solstice and here is what he had to say about this new server.

  • Are there any new features on Solstice?

Yes we are adding player card hues and currently working on custom badges and staff hoodies.

  • What safety precautions have you taken to avoid being hacked?

We are going to optimize our web server by implementing Nginx and requesting users to use longer passwords for security reasons.

  • Tell me about the latest room designs on Solstice?

The room designs will be the same, except for a few rooms like the Cave which features an MLP design with music and other designs may follow at a later date.

  • Will you offer perks for newly joined players?

For everyone we will offer Walk On Walls and all usual staff commands will be accessible to users.

  • Based on the staff are you impressed so far?

The Solstice Team are always active in the Server and Discord Chat. There will always be someone available to help our users. I’m impressed with what I’ve witnessed so far.

  • Tell me something different about Solstice that you don’t see on other CPPS sites?

We are working on chat bar colors (preferably dark and invisible) and as explained earlier – custom badges and staff hoodies. A new decent web design is also in the works. Last VIP will provide access to custom items and other perks.

Thank you Nuno for answering all my questions thoroughly and I look forward to seeing your progress and expecting new and exciting features in the future. That’s all for now and adieu my fellow Speedy Readers.

~ Hess.

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