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I had the chance to have a conversation with the owner, Widd. During this time, I asked him a few questions about the server such as: updates, improvements, security, and more. Lets find out!

  • What kind of improvements / updates are you thinking of towards the game?

We are at a standstill on how to proceed but we actively develop our server suite and fix things.

  • How did you come up with the name Hyperboreal?

Greek mythology – from the Hyperboreans.

  • What makes your server different from the others? 

Our server source code is the fastest and most secure suite that has ever been written. We plan on making all multiplayer games available at some point and we already have quite a working.

  • What is your main priority to focus on in the future?

Making sure all features of AS2 Club Penguin are working.


Widd, thank you so much for your time towards these questions! It is fascinating to hear the good news coming from Hyperboreal. For sure, I cannot wait for the next up-coming updates.

For more information based on the game or any questions, feel free to join their discord chat or contact Widd (widd#1373) or the other staff members on the chat and/or game. The contact information will be listed below.

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