SharkPenguin Updates!


Since the re-brand kick-off of Cove Penguin to SharkPenguin, the team has been hard at work bringing you new features and updates.

You may first notice one of the more obvious updates to the server, which is the website. They have now implemented a basic website, with a register, home, play & commands.

The home having a short blurb of the server name, and type of server, along with the owners of the server. You can also navigate through to the Play, Commands & Register which are the most important features of setup.

When navigating to the play page, you may be surprised to be hit with music. This music is here to accompany the login screen page, and is here to create an ambiance vibe of your first opinion of the server. Other striking parts of the login page, is the interactive .swf in the background. Where you can hover your mouse over doors and items and watch them react.

The login page lists the CPPS’ core features, in dot point form on the page. It also has a register option to if you have not yet registered, you have the opportunity to do so. You can also find their twitter via the twitter icon on the top right corner. The blur-fade on the edges of the .swf, blends it into the background giving it a nice feel to the login. Although, there is text stating ‘There are 100 users Online!’, which is miss-leading.

When logging into the game, you may first notice the bot. The bot is dressed in a random outfit, with a name and the text [BOT] next to it. It is also spawned in random locations on in the room, with a different name bot each time you change rooms.

shark bot
The four different bot nicknames you can find!

You may also notice when exploring the server, almost every room has music playing which is an exciting vibe across the server! Not a fan of the music? You can mute sounds, or mute all sounds via the settings icon in the chat-bar.

They have now updated the in-game manager icon, from once a gear icon to now a padlock icon. Within the manager, you can edit your player features, transform & adopt.

This is your new in-game manager icon.

Within the manager, the team has now updated and added all available puffles for adoption. You can now adopt a wide range of puffles from three locations. The in-game manager, the pet shop and the Puffle Wild.

A glimpse of the added puffles! Want more? Travel to the puffle wild by clicking on the green button. You can also adopt the original puffles from the pet shop.

The CPPS has a lot of working features, such as single & multi-player games along with a fully-functional newspaper & updated catalogs! This AS3 server has a strong essence of purity with the content it puts out, with a nice strong vibe of a club penguin based feel.

Working games!
Functional newspaper!
Updated catalogs!

Along with these current features implemented, the server also has plans of implementing a in-game party switcher. You can already view the positioning of the switcher, at the top of the play page.

Party switcher coming soon!

They have also hinted on twitter, with an addition of a BFF/Marry System which is currently being worked on.


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