SharkPenguin: Released!

Hello everybody,

There is a new CPPS that has just recently been released, and this CPPS goes by the name of SharkPenguin! Of course, like any other server out there, they have quite a few things that makes them unique from other CPPSes. I will be showing you just those few items! To start it off, when I was logging in, I noticed they had a pretty rad loading screen —


Right now, like quite a few other CPPSes, they have the Zootopia party going on right now. Anyone can partake in this event, so you should come on down to SharkPenguin and see how the party is going for yourself!

There is one thing in general I truly love about this CPPS, and that is the gear in the top right corner with several options to customize your penguin and it’s glows —


As you can see, there are pages with options for size, nameglow, bubblecolor, playercard hue, and more! Have you noticed the option for floating? Floating is a very fun option to put on, and I’ll show you how funny it makes me look whenever I waddle around in the town —

Along with one of the Speedy CPPSHQ readers, Super2458!

Notice how weird I look whenever I waddle? I also have speed on, so that’s another thing. The Zootopia party is absolutely amazing on top of all of this, so this CPPS is pretty great! I’ve also seen something rather interesting. There are credits that are displayed to you and others on your playercard —


At first I had no idea what the credits were used for, considering we already have access to so many features on SharkPenguin. However, one of the developers who goes by the name “Bunny Green,” told me that later on the credits can be used to buy other features such as snowball color and playercard music.

These unique soon-to-come abilities are being worked on as we speak by the people over on SharkPenguin, so you should come on down and get to see the game before and after the updates! Keep in mind that it is brand new, so if you run into any bugs, feel free to tell one of the staff that there is a problem. Puffles will also be coming very soon, so come online right away and explore for yourself!

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