Service Checks: New Guidelines

Hi guys,

This is a quick update in regards to Speedy CPPSHQ’s monthly Service Checks.

We have made a few changes in the way we conduct them, with testing of different categories and the penalties involved. Here are our new service checks:

Our team will assess the following and score it out of a total of 5 points:

  • Friendliness. Did the moderator act in a friendly manner?
  • Knowledge. Was the moderator knowledgeable with the help provided?
  • Questioning. Did the moderator offer further questioning in regards to the issue?
  • Resolution. Was the situation resolved?

We will also assess if the moderator was AFK or no moderators were found, with the following:

  • AFKIf the moderator was AFK for more than 10 minutes, a ZERO penalty will be awarded.

Finally, we will PASS or FAIL the server based on the rating:

  • PASS. The moderator scored between 10-20 in the overall check.
  • FAIL. The moderator scored between 0-9 in the overall check.

The marking criteria as follows:

0-1 – The moderator was rude.
2 – The moderator was somewhat friendly.
3 – The moderator was friendly
4 – The moderator was very helpful.
5 – The moderator was extremely friendly.

0-1 – The moderator had no knowledge.
1 – The moderator had some knowledge.
3 – The moderator was knowledgeable.
4 – The moderator was very knowledgeable.
5 – The moderator was extremely knowledgeable.

0-1 – The moderator did not ask any questions about the situation.
2 – The moderator asked little questions about the situation.
3 – The moderator asked questions about the situation.
4 – The moderator asked several questions about the situation.
5 – The moderator asked many questions about the situations.

0-1 – The situation was not resolved by the moderator.
2 – The moderator was somewhat resolved by the moderator.
3 – The moderator was almost resolved by the moderator.
4 – The moderator was resolved in a decent approach by the moderator.
5 – The moderator was resolved in a good approach by the moderator.

Overall: SCORE out of possible 20 POINTS

Further questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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In other news, we have introduced two brand new Twitter accounts. More of this will be explained very soon, although you may follow them below:




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