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Hey everyone! It’s July, and we’re relaunching service checks with a brand new etiquette! We’ve scrapped scoring, and are only now going to provide a comment along with some constructive criticism if needed, will not be mentioning the name of the moderator that the check had been conducted on unless requested by the server owner, and will no longer be doing three checks a month for each individual server, but one. We are going to stick to our monthly schedule and keep the service checks very professional.

A newer user approaches a moderator and asks two questions. To start off the user’s encounter with this moderator, the user requests to be buddies with them, with the moderator accepting within a minute. Upon realizing that this would be a very friendly staff member, the user did not feel afraid to ask more than one question. The first question that the user had was a very frequently asked question, how they could apply for a position on the team. Quickly, the moderator explained to the user that they’d have to contact an administrator to have their application seen as soon as possible, and wasn’t entirely sure whether they’d be accepting moderators at the time.

After the user thanked the moderator, and had one more question to ask, how to customize their player card. As first the moderator was somewhat hesitant and wasn’t able to clarify what to click and how to find the customization panel. Soon though, this moderator got through to the user and they continued on. By this time, the staff member was having a hard time explaining to the process to the user, but came through and explained to the user that they needed to navigate their way through the panel to the player card customization section of the manager.

Overall, this moderator did very well and is fit for the job. Although at times, they had a hard time communicating with the user and explaining what to do, they always found a way to pull through and get through to this user. By the end of their encounter, the team member had gradually lost interest, with more time in between responses and less attention being payed to the user. To conclude, I feel this moderator did very well and for the most part was very friendly, but could definitely improve how they tend to the situation at hand.



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