Service Check: UberPenguin

Scenario: I approached the moderator and asked how can I change my penguins nameglow & namecolor.

Helpfulness: I waited for 2 seconds and the moderator replied and said you have to change it from the game settings below.

Friendliness: The moderator seemed very friendly and helpful, she was helping me finding where the game settings are, and was very patient in whatever I was asking.

Accuracy: The moderator answered my question, when I asked where can I find the game settings for changing the nameglow & namecolor, then she threw a snowball to show me where the game settings are.

Dedicated: The moderator was very dedicated about her task while the other moderator was afk, she also asked if I have anymore questions to ask.

Overall Comment: The moderator seemed very dedicated about her job, I think she was best at her job. I don’t have any criticism about her.


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