Service Check: uberPenguin

Scenario: A player asked if there are any commands for the cpps
Staff Member Rank: Moderator
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was very helpful, she not only quickly responded to the question but also personally messaged the user.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was extremely friendly and gave first preference to the user.
Accuracy: 8/10 – Though the moderator did get confused with a feature, she quickly corrected her mistake and continued to help the user.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator put in a lot of time and dedicated herself towards the user and made sure the question was answered and offered further assistance as well.

Overall Rating: 98%

Comment: The moderator responded to the question in no time and also offered to help via pm. During the course of the conversation, the moderator pointed out each and every feature, where they could be found and how they could be used. The moderator was also very courteous and responded to another question in regards to the shop right after that and made sure that the user was helped in every possible way. Over all the moderator did a swell job and showed true dedication to her rank, the team & the server as well. Having amazing staff members is what makes the server special and safe. Such dedication deserves a round of applause.


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