Service Check: uberPenguin

Scenario: A user wanted to know which user gives out the most coins and if Uber was hiring?
Staff Member Rank: Moderator
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The Moderator was very helpful and provided enough detail.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The Moderator was friendly in and was speaking nicely and calmly.
Accuracy: 10/10 – The Moderator provided the correct information accurately.
Dedication: 5/10 – The Moderator did not ask me any further questions if I needed help with anything else regarding the game/or outside of the game.

Total Service Check Score: 35/40

Comment: The user approached the Moderator kindly asking how we can get alot of coins and if Uber was hiring. The user was saying their name, but he did not answer. So then after 25 minutes of AFK, the moderator came back and walked away to talk to friends. Then the user kindly asked them again and they finally answered saying “I believe that you can get coins on the hydro hopper and cart game the most.” They also replied to my second question saying “No, sorry man.” The moderator was although helpful, friendly, accurate, and dedicated.


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