Service Check: OldCP – November


A user asked how to play jousts and if there is a new map, any custom commands and what does he do with Gold?

Staff Member Rank: Moderator

Helpfulness: 8/10

The moderator responded to the user saying that Jousts can only be played if the Damen was on, he then stated that there is no new map, which is false because there is a secondary map. As for the custom commands, the moderator immediately explained to the user, the custom commands that exist and he also answered the user about what he could use the Gold for. Overall the moderator did a pretty good job in helping out the user

Friendliness: 10/10

The moderator was extremely polite and didn’t not show any sort of negativity towards the user, he made sure that the user’s questions were answered and the user was very pleased with his friendliness

Accuracy: 7/10

The moderator did help the user with all the questions, but he should know almost everything about the server, not knowing that there is a new secondary map is what makes me lower the rating for his accuracy. I believe the moderator can do a better job next time and hopefully by then he will have more information in his hands, but hats off to him for being knowledgeable about everything else

Dedication: 9/10

The moderator was truly dedicated to his position, even though there was signs of him being away from keyboard because I had to repeat two questions nearly thrice, however in the end he did answer all the questions brought to him by the user and that’s what matters the most

Overall Rating: 34/40 & Comment:

The moderator could use some more training as far as information is concerned and he should also be quick in responding to the user instead of taking a while to reply. He could also try avoiding one word answers like “No”. Other than that, the moderator has done a splendid job!

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