Service Check: OldCP


A user asked how to get clothes for their penguin and for a list of commands.

Staff Member Rank: Moderator.

  • Helpfulness: 6/10

The moderator was not so helpful, she quickly responded to the question but her helpfulness was not up to the mark, she did help the user to get clothes but when asked for the list of commands she was confused and had no idea herself.

  • Friendliness: 7/10

The moderator was polite and courteous but wasn’t paying much attention to the user.

  • Accuracy: 4/10

Though the moderator did help the user with their first question, the second question was still left with very little information to provide, the moderator had no idea what are the list of commands and did not help the user with a list either, she informed the user that a list can maybe found on a youtube video but provided no link to it.

  • Dedication: 6/10

The moderator was a bit dedicated towards the user but she was confused and did not pay not much attention to the user after the second question, the user was left clueless to what commands exist.

Overall Rating: 23/40


The moderator responded to the first question in no time and provided lots of information in regards to it. She tried to help the user in regards to the second question but wasn’t paying much attention to the server and its users nor the user itself. She had no idea about the commands and the user had no idea what the rest of the commands were. The user had to repeat the second question almost 3 times just to get a response and even asked if there was a page where they could view the list of commands which the moderator was confused about and had no idea where to get them but only hinted to the video on Youtube which she did not provide a link to. In my opinion, from here on the moderator should be more educated about the server and should pay more attention to the users, she has plenty of room and time to improve and I’m sure upon the next time she will do a much better job. As for the server, OldCP should consider making a page for the commands so their users may know what commands exist and don’t exist to avoid any confusion.

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  • We will be adding lots of stuff including a commands page in v13, which is one of the reasons one of our team members didn’t fully get the commands. Of course some of our staff members are new, and will be trained to our standards.


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