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Scenario: The user asked how to apply for staff and asked how to get nameglow. The user later asked to talk privately, the moderator followed as the user said.
Staff Member Rank: Princess
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions — however, the moderator did get distracted by some users who needed help as well, but that did not stand in their way.
Friendliness: 9/10 – The moderator was very friendly, and answered all of my questions in a very polite and great way, while she did also say the questions weren’t supposed to be asked private.
Accuracy: 10/10 – The moderator was extremely accurate, answering all my questions to an understandable level.
Dedication: 9/10 – The moderator was mostly dedicated, the only possible distraction being the other users.

Moderator Quiz:
The moderator was asked the following questions after the service check was conducted:

  1. What are swords, and how do you use them?
  2. Is there a rank called VIP?
  3. How do you apply for staff?

The moderator answered out of questions to an understandable and satisfactory level.

Overall Comment: The moderator was extremely helpful, friendly, and accurate, but on the other side, she may need to be a little more dedicated. Overall, she did an amazing job. She quickly followed the user and answered all of the questions, leaving me without any last questions. Amazing work, OldCP!


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