Service Check: OldCP

Scenario: A user wanted to know how to get ring color, penguin glow, and how to earn gold.
Moderator: Terry91
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 9/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 9/10 – The moderator was very accurate.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: Terry91 was talking with a couple of other users for only a split second, but immediately came up to the user who was asking for help right after. Terry91 was pretty friendly and was dedicated to helping the user and showed that this moderator takes joy in helping people. The user proceeded to ask how to get ring color and penguin glow, and Terry91 gave an immediate reply telling the user that you can get both features using gold. The user was confused and asked how to earn gold, and the moderator told the user that you can buy gold or earn it by being active. The user was pleased with the help he had received and told the moderator thank you, and the moderator walked away feeling positive.


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