Service Check: OldCP

Scenario: A user wanted to know the basics of OldCP and the ‘Empire’ behind the game.
Moderator: Abu
Helpfulness: 9/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 7/10 – The moderator was sort of accurate.
Dedication: 9/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: Today on my visit to OldCP I watched a user wait at least two minutes for a moderator to jump out of a conversation to help him. The user was new to the game and wanted to learn the basics of OldCP such as the commands and rules. Abu explained everything thoroughly with help from Head Moderator Terry91. Abu is a fairly new Moderator and clearly knew what he was doing. Although it took him a minute or two to help, he made sure the user felt comfortable on the server. The user wanted to learn about the “Empire” on OldCP, known as the DSGHQ. Abu went over all of the DSGHQ’s background to make sure the user got a fair understanding of how the Empire worked. Overall, Abu scored a 87.5% because of his dedication and knowledge of OldCP/DSGHQ.
In other news: Click this message to visit the DSGHQ’s new forum for official OldCP news


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  • I AGREE. i have been on oldcp for about 2 years. AND the moderators there are very helpful. i agree they do talk a lot and may take a min or 2 to help you. but once they help you they will answer all your questions. if you find me on oldcp (lulu2 is my username) feel free to ask me any questions. (even though im not mod i can still help)


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