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Below are the results for the second Service Check conducted on Mirai.

Scenario: A user needed help with obtaining Name Glow, Bubble Color, Ring Color, adding items and general questions in regards to the CPPS.
Moderator: Lorie
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was very friendly.

Accuracy: 10/10 – The moderator was very accurate.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: The moderator was very helpful in providing the user with information, answering all the questions in a efficient manner. The moderator was also very accurate with providing the user with the correct information on how to obtain certain features and releases of future credit store items. The moderator was also very accurate in giving the user alternative ways into changing their penguin color, with them being dedicated in retrieving the correct hex color codes to match the users needs of adding the color brown. The moderator was in a very dedicated manner in also focusing on the user, and ignoring the environment around them, and not be distracted by other tasks. The moderator also demonstrated highly of dedication by asking open ended and reflective questions to further find the source of the users problem. The moderator did not stop there, once the solution was found, the moderator then asked if the user needed any further assistance. In all, the moderator wrapped with being friendly, using positive language and also agreeing to be in a ‘selfie’ with the user.

Click here to view the full list of Service Check’s for the month of January. Or here, to view the Service Check’s conducted for the previous month.


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  1.   January 5, 2016, 9:11 am

    service checking your own cpps? umm

    •   January 5, 2016, 11:45 am

      All Service Checks can be conducted by any staff member, I do not own Mirai, I simply moderate it. Assessors hold no bias, and must follow the strict marking criteria, while being on an alt account on a Virtual Private Network so the moderator can not figure out its you. The marking criteria can be found here:

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