Service Check: Mirai

Scenario: A user wanted to know how to obtain extras such as name glow.
Moderator Name: Escapism & Urie

Helpfulness: [SCORE] 9/10
Friendliness: [SCORE] 10/10
Accuracy: [SCORE] 9/10
Dedication: [SCORE] 10/10

Combined Rating: [SCORE] 38/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 95% 
Comment: Both moderators were amazing and kind!  When I asked about name glow, it got a little confusing because of both of them answering. I got the help I needed, and Urie even went so far as to ask if I needed any further help.  Overall these moderators are very dedicated to what they do and were very happy to  help, although they could have been clearer. I feel like the moderators know what it takes to moderate in an efficient manner.

I would like everyone to note that this is not how our new service checks will work and is only being published due to this is what was done before the announcement of Mirai’s closure. One last time, great job Mirai!  You will be missed greatly.



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