Service Check: MattsCPPS

Scenario: A user wanted needed help with the basics of MattsCPPS, such as applying for moderator and how to edit glows and exclusive VIP features.
Moderator: Robbie
Helpfulness: 5/10 – The moderator was helpful.
Friendliness: 9/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 10/10 – The moderator was sort of accurate.
Dedication: 2/10 – The moderator was somewhat dedicated.
Comment: A user was begging for help, finally after 7 minutes a moderator (Robbie) woke up to help him. The user didn’t seem impressed with the amount of inactive moderators in the Town with no desire to assist, so Robbie somewhat stepped up to the plate. The user was new and just purchased VIP, so he asked Robbie for just the basics of MattsCPPS – “meet people” was the answer. The user needed help editing their VIP features, so Robbie mentioned the panel was located in the top left corner. Because of the excuses to help, late reaction to help, and lazy answers, Robbie is somewhat dedicated to the CPPS. However, Robbie may need to pay more attention to the server!



  • Staff are supposed to show they they are afk. I don’t know what happened to Robbie but I guess he just needs to pay more attention lol

  • I apologize for taking so long to respond, it was my fault and all and yeah. I was doing other things and was not there for the users who needed my help (or monthly’s help) But, I will take this note and make myself a better moderator and dedicate more time to being active on Matt’s. I hope you accept this apology. Thanks.


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