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A user asked how they can get the new custom items.

Staff Member Rank: Moderator

  • Helpfulness: 10/10

The Moderator quickly responded back to the question asked by the user saying that they have to clone someone to get them and explained why they couldn’t get it by typing the ID, being that they haven’t been added to the local crumbs yet. The moderator asked the user if they had any other further questions.

  • Friendliness: 10/10

The moderator responded very friendly in a kind manner and answered all of the questions the user asked.

  • Accuracy: 10/10 

The moderator helped the user in any way possible and provided good explanations for the problem. The moderator did ask if the user needed further assistance.

  • Dedication: 10/10

The moderator seemed very dedicated to her job as she responded quickly and helped out the user without there being any issue.

Overall Rating: 40/40

The moderator seemed very friendly and dedicated to her job. She responded to the questions asked by the user very quickly and asked further questions if the user needed any assistance. The moderator didn’t go anywhere as she was probably waiting if the user had any other questions regarding anything else. Once the user left the room, the moderator went to the Stadium to help another user.

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