Service Check: CPPS.me

Scenario: A user wanted to know how to become dark black and how he could get free nameglow, as well as if there was an !addall command.
Moderator: B00mX0r
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 10/10 – The moderator was very accurate.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: B00mX0r personally went out of his way to assist the user, who asked only once if any moderators were in the room. He immediately stopped what he was doing and went up to the user and asked him what he needed help with. The user proceeded to ask how he could become dark black and B00mX0r responded back immediately and told him just to say !black. The user then asked if there was an !addall command. B00mX0r said no, but he could suggest it, and instead add items manually using !ai. B00mX0r asked the user if he needed any more help and the user told him he had one more question, asking how to get free nameglow. The moderator told him how users get it and provided detail. B00mX0r was also called by another user and told the other user to hold on, showing how dedicated he was. After helping the user, he asked if there was anything else, with the user saying he was fine now. B00mX0r told the user to have a nice day and walked off, leaving the user satisfied with how much help he had received.


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