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A user asked how to change his account pin because he doesn’t remember it and wants to change his name glow.

Staff Member Rank: Moderator.

  • Helpfulness: 9/10

The moderator was very helpful and quickly responded to the user, he also responded to other questions asked by the user. Although the user was very satisfied and had no questions or doubts, the moderator forgot to ask the user if he needed any further assistance.

  • Friendliness: 10/10

The moderator was humble and responded in a very friendly manner, he also responded to other users and casually spoke to the user after helping him out.

  • Accuracy: 10/10

The moderator made sure that the user’s questions were answered and his responses were spot on, he did not make a single mistake.

  • Dedication: 10/10

The moderator showed true dedication to his position on CPPS.me. He advised the user, to issue a support ticket to fix the problem with his account pin and answered the user on how long the response time would be. He also explained to the user that name glow and other custom features can be bought but isn’t currently working if you buy it. The user also had doubts about the payment methods and the moderator made sure that his doubts were cleared.

Overall Rating: 39/40


Words can’t express what a great staff member he makes, he did not hesitate to answer the user and stayed on the server for quite a long time. He did not log off and come back online while helping the user either. Perhaps he could start asking the players whether they need help with anything else but that doesn’t matter when the players are satisfied and have their problems resolved. Moderators like him is what makes CPPS.me a good CPPS to play on.

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