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A user asked how to use the cpanel and buy vip.

Staff Member Rank: Moderator.


  • Helpfulness: 4/10

The moderator was not so helpful,  he responded fast to the question that the user asked but he did not explain it correctly. He just said ‘Simply say !vip and cPanel can help you change stuff for ur vip’,  after answering my question  he logged off and came back online again.

  • Friendliness: 8/10

The moderator responded quickly when the user asked him another question.

  • Accuracy: 5/10

The moderator did help the user, but the moderator did not provide proper explanation. The moderator quickly logged off after answering the question without even asking if the user wanted help with other issues.

  • Dedication: 6/10

The moderator seemed very dedicated as he responded quickly to the questions asked by the user.

Overall Rating: 23/40

The moderator seemed very dedicated and friendly, but I did not like the way he explained and how he kept going offline without asking if the user needed any help or not.  I also did not like way  he  used words like ‘ur’ which really makes the CPPS look unprofessional. But I am sure from here on,  he will  continue to work on his moderating skills because he seemed like a very dedicated moderator.

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