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Hi Speedy Readers,

Let’s keep this short and simple, but pretty lit at the same time since it’s one of my posts, right??

I stumbled across ToxicCP today and I’m pretty amazed by the amount of user satisfaction from the staff. I’m not here to post about user satisfaction, however – I’m here to post about a short survey conducted on ToxicCP – Select.
[spacer height=”-20px”] Before I proceed, I want your opinion. Have you played ToxicCP? If so, which one would you select?

Which would you rather Select?

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Let’s get back to surveying Cassel / CMDude with some questions. Hope he doesn’t bite.

Camden: What is your favorite room on ToxicCP?

Cassel / CMDude: My favorite room on ToxicCP would have to be the Lighthouse.

CamdenDo you play any other servers than ToxicCP daily?

Cassel / CMDude: Oh yeah, I play CPPS.me and Pengur.

Thanks for some dank answers, CMDude / Cassel. Can’t wait to see what YOU Select in the polls as your favorite feature today – or possibly both?

~ Camden.


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