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Hi, guys!

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I wanted to do a quick Select for OldCP today!

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Since Damen released that he is working on creating  the Lands of The East and The West to next year’s version of the site, I was wondering how you all felt about this addition. Personally, I am very excited bout it, this means more ranks and kingdoms for users to be a part of!

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While I was on Old CP I asked a user named TechIII some questions about the CPPS, here are his answers!

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Carcar: What is your favorite feature on OldCP?
TechIII: My favorite feature is the Transforms.
Since your favorite feature is Transforms which is your favorite?
TechIII: Ok, so my favorite one is the Ice Shield.
Carcar: How often do you come online?
TechIII: I try to come on every week.
What is a rank you wish you had?
TechIII: Moderator.

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A  picture of OldCP players in the Throne Room!

Thanks for reading hope you all have a great night!


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