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Hey everyone,

I thought it’d be a great idea to go over and do a Select on Free Penguin as there isn’t normally much news relating to it, but before we get into that, in this poll which option would you Select?

Do you like Free Penguin?

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When I was on Free Penguin I asked if anyone would like to participate, thanks RosebelleK for volunteering and answering these questions!

Squirrel: What do you enjoy the most about Freepenguin?

RosebelleK: Coz like you get a membership for free, unlike Club Penguin.

Squirrel: What’s something you dislike about Free Penguin?

RosebelleK: There aren’t many people online a lot of the time.

Squirrel: If you could make one change to Free Penguin, what would it be?

RosebelleK: I’d add stables and a drama academy

What do you think of those answers? The 3rd answer is definitely something I didn’t expect, do you agree with RosebelleK?

Thanks for reading! Here’s a shot of the Free Penguin town!


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