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Hi guys,

We’re over at CPPS.me having a LIT time.. here to select one lucky player for a short interview.

But before we get to that.. let’s throw it to you! Which of the following would you select?

Which of the following would you rather?

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We’ll check back on these results later.. Seems like a tough decision!

We also met up with the user Sarah, and asked her a few questions on the game. This is how it went down..

Michael: What’s your fave feature on CPPS.me?
Sarah: ng and bc!!!!!!
Michael: How often are you on CPPS.me?
Sarah: oh jesus everyday kms
Michael: Out of all the rooms, which room do you spend time in the most?
Sarah: STADIUM!!!!!!!!

Kudos to Sarah for these enthusiastic answers!!! Short & sweet, exactly how we like it.

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In other news: CPPS.me releases sneak peek of custom Christmas rooms.



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