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Hey everyone!

I’m going to conduct a select on CPPS.me, but before we get to that. I’d like you to fill out this poll.


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We’ll come back to those results later, but for now we’re going to get started with our  post.

While I was finding a user for select at CPPS.me, I finally found a user named Pudican. Let’s see what that penguin has to say!

Dev: How often do you visit CPPS.me?

Pudican: Its all depending on my schedule in real life, but I usually pop on at least once during the day if i’m not busy all day.

Dev: What’s your favorite feature on CPPS.me?

Pudican: My favorite  feature is probably nameglow because of the glow quality.

Dev: What’s your opinion on the staff team of CPPS.me?

Pudican: I like the staff team, really friendly and easy to get along with.

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Thanks to Pudican for such an amazing select for my post. On the other hand, don’t you think the username is a bit funny? Anyway, have a good day!


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