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Hi everyone,

Dev here! I plan on selecting one lucky winner for my select post. Before we get to that, I’d like you to select.

Your choice.

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We’ll come back to those results, but if we want some results. YOU will have to vote!

After searching people for select, I finally found a user named imLogan. Yes, a moderator!

Dev: What is your favourite feature on

imLogan: I honestly really don’t have a favorite I think all the features combined are what make this game the top cpps

Dev: How does it feel to manage such a big CPPS?

imLogan:  Kind of feels unreal but I love it. I get to help influence peoples life’s and protect them. I love voluntering my time to moderate

Dev: How often do you visit

imLogan:  I come online almost everyday.

Thanks to imLogan for the select!

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