See you soon, Oasis

We have an update on Oasis. On April 25th, at 5 PM EST, Oasis shut down for updating. They won’t be closing for good. They want people to enjoy the server even more than ever. This is one post from CPPSCentral:

The owner Tybone10 has announced the temporary closure of Penguin Oasis, he hope to sometime soon bring the server back up for all the fans of Penguin Oasis, we hope to see it back soon. The official closing time was set to 5PM EST on April 25th, 2013, which has already passed, and it is now officially offline.

So, you may be asking, why is Penguin Oasis closing? Penguin Oasis is planning on making major updates to the server and making all the wonderful fans enjoy the server even more, they cannot keep the server online while they are updating, and that is why it is temporarily closing. So, if you don’t understand – they are not closing for good, and Tybone10, the owner of Penguin Oasis officially stated on the official Penguin Oasis blog wants everyone to know that they will return.

One thing you can surely look forward to is they are adding features for both Regular Users and VIP, stay tuned!

You can read the post on the official Oasis Blog here

Oasis will be back soon! When Oasis comes back, there will be hundreds of features!



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