There’s a fiesta happening on RubyCP

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Let’s keep this article short and simple, just for your convenience.

RubyCP is a custom AS2 recreation of Club Penguin.

They’ve just launched it’s Winter Fiesta, which is mainly based on Club Penguin’s Winter Fiesta 2008 with their own custom twist to it.

This is the first new party of the year for RubyCP, so let’s check out some of the stuff you can expect as you wonder on to the island of RubyCP.

Unless we’re extremely far behind on our RubyCP updates, the map has been updated with the addition of a new Concert stage.

This room pays tribute to Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington whom passed away mid-2017  you can grab a free pair of maracas here also.

Great place to rock out!

Waddling over to the dock, you can freely express yourself as  DJ and have some BBQ’d Fluffy if you’re a bit peckish.

The Town has been decorated with multiple piñata’s hanging, also the night club is now actually a golden pyramid thingy (yeah, I don’t know either).

Heading down to the Cove, you can grab yourself a mini sombrero, chill and of course – surf.

If you’re a fan of Winter Fiesta’s you’re more than likely going to be a fan of this.

Although we’ve only shown a few rooms here, most of the island is decorated – be sure to check it out for yourself and let us know what your favourite room is.

There’s also a new Taco pin but I couldn’t personally find it, let me know if you do!

To conclude, the new custom room (the Concert stage), is a fantastic addition to the game, it’s a decently designed room which is refreshing to see – it’s actually my favourite room throughout this whole party (hopefully it stays after the event), the party as previously stated is heavily based on Club Penguin’s 2008 Winter Fiesta but with RubyCP’s own special touch.

Great job to the team at RubyCP, fantastic way to start the year.

Head over to RubyCP.me to get involved!

Have a great weekend!



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