Rebel Penguin Federation Faces Accusations

Some individuals have come out and accused a Club Penguin Rewritten Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation, of using bots on Club Penguin Rewritten, crashing Club Penguin Rewritten servers purposely, being a fascist regime, and hacking the Tuba Army’s discord and influential Tuba Army members. These claims rely on screenshots that show Silverburg confessing, but the Rebel Penguin Federation disputes the legitimacy of the screenshots. Who is correct?

To see the case made by these individuals, you can use the following links (verified safe). The defense posts written by the Rebel Penguin Federation are also linked within these documents.

Short Link: http://beam.to/allrpfdocs

Direct Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jh7n3JqRb86yCEwXRPtD50-XgQrhgBY4_mwJ_0tjehw/edit?usp=sharing

These accusations began when MastSquad HQ published a video on behalf of these individuals. Arguments raged on in the comments of the video, and it ended with Mast becoming neutral on the subject. These individuals then wrote a document presenting their case, and started spreading it as much as they could. Since then, the Rebel Penguin Federation has made defense posts on their website and these individuals have responded to them. Arguments have also occurred in the comment sections.

These individuals have called for the banning of Elmikey, Chip, Junie17125, Popsicle, Silverburg, Twitchy, Bounce, Flamearies, Flappy112, Lord Pain, Pizza Ninja, Red Gush24, and Robot from Club Penguin Rewritten. They claim they are the main perpetrators of the crimes they have accused the Rebel Penguin Federation of. So far, Club Penguin Rewritten seems to have sided with the Rebel Penguin Federation, however these individuals have said that it is likely that the chat logs of Silverburg confessing have been purged by a hacker. They have also said Club Penguin Rewritten might be siding with the Rebel Penguin Federation for political reasons, as they make up a large portion of the Club Penguin Rewritten user base, at least on the surface.

After reading both sides of the argument, who do you believe? These issues must be resolved fairly. After reading both sides of the argument, what do you think is the best course of action? Dismissing these individuals’ claims, or banning the players on their ‘hit list’ from Club Penguin Rewritten? Your opinion is what matters, as it could decide the outcome. Choose wisely.


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  • If you know nothing about armies before 29th of March… please, don’t lie and make people stupid.
    Fight The Good Fight.


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