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RolePlayCP (RPCPis an innovative and futuristic CPPS by Rocket and Luke, it’s somewhat like GTA in Club Penguin, they have been planning a lot of cool things since the development took off, I interviewed Rocket, the man behind this project.

What is RPCP?

 RPCP is a roleplay club penguin server that I thought of ages ago but stopped it’s development. Now Luke and I have decided to re-create it much better. It is based on Club Penguin in 2008 with new features, some that have never even been thought of which is quite unique.

What should we expect from RPCP?

         Expect to be outstanded, that’s all I can say.

When will RPCP release?

I hope this week coming, no promises though

Will RPCP have it’s own exclusive forums?

Yes, of course!

What else is in the store for us?

What is coming up: Weapons, Governments, Taxis, Bombs and more that I want to keep hidden for suspense.

I can’t express how hyped I am for RPCP, oh wait I have something more in store for y’all, some exclusive sneak peaks of RPCP, that’s right!


Simple, yet really cool design!

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Did I tell y’all that this design is exclusively made by Rocket?


Bringing back those old memories, eh?

For now, that’s it! I will be releasing some more sneak peaks publicly really soon, are you all hyped for RPCP, yet?




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