Revisit Club Penguin by joining NewCP today.

I especially hate how the classic game that touched all of our hearts closed. I’m sure some of you reading this do as well, but fear not. Developers are quickly coming up with solutions for the classic Club Penguin fans out there, hence why NewCP released to the public. NewCP was in the works for two weeks before releasing on April 13th, and still in public beta to this day.


With NewCP, the nostalgia level is high. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


NewCP brings back all of the basic features that you remember from the 2009-2011 era of Club Penguin. We’ve seen this before in previous servers like BringBack2009, and ComplusCP. We see this era brought back to us in many of the CPPSes which we play today, as well. However, NewCP takes quite a unique approach, promising a top level of security. You’ve seen a number of database breaches, but it seems as if the users count on NewCP to not let that occur.


Upon registration, you’re prompted with the most basic fundamentals needed to create your account. However, the page states that they’re creating a better register. Take a look:

Just like classic Club Penguin, you’re required to play games in order to earn coins. There are no commands you can use to add coins. Coins are needed to buy most items among the server. By default, you’re registered as a member. Let’s take a look at some of the most loved Club Penguin mini-games, as a re-cap.

Cart Surfer definitely brings back some memories!
My favorite game from Club Penguin. Don’t ask why…

As you can see, NewCP really brings back everything you missed from Club Penguin. I recommend giving it a shot if you’re looking to bring back lots of memories from the original Club Penguin!

I got the chance to interview one of the administrators of NewCP, Rsnail. Hopefully, this interview can answer some of your most frequent questions!

What was your inspiration behind NewCP?

Rsnail: I noticed that, when CP closed, many people had moved to ClubpenguinRewritten, but they were always complaining that the server was down and that features were missing. So I guess my incentive for development was to make a stable clone of CP. Contrary to some people (including the CPR staff teams) belief, it wasn’t to ride upon their downtime – the game had been in development long before CPR’s downtime. We had anticipated existing alongside them.

Have you ever created a CPPS before?
Rsnail: Nope, this is my first time. I used to make servers for different games, but not Club Penguin; however, Club Penguin is where I started off as a child. I just had no ambition to make a CPPS until I began missing merely knowing that CP was still around. And plus CPI isn’t doing well, so it’s a great opportunity to get a nice community going from people who still want to play the classic Club Penguin.
Why did you name NewCP as it is?
Rsnail: Because the goal of NewCP is to eventually develop into a full Club Penguin clone, with every single feature working as once was before the closedown. Hence, I found it appropriate to name it ‘new’ club penguin, because it’s goal isn’t to have crazy customs and unusual features, it’s goal is to restore the game in its full nature, as well as to develop new features down the line.
Have any of the other administrators ever created a CPPS before?
Rsnail: Nope, well, at least not that they’ve told me. The other administrators don’t do as much as me, I’m the main one. I manage the source development and the actual servers, which is more than what the other admins do. However, I’d still be lost without them.
Are moderator applications open for NewCP?
Rsnail: Yes we’re accepting applications over Twitter DM (mainly), but I will accept them over Discord DM too. However, as you can imagine, we’ve gotten a lot, so we’re collecting them all and will sort them through, because we’re really in need of some moderators. We’re especially in need of some Spanish moderators, because our goal is to launch a Spanish server next week for those who wish to play!
What can you promise to users in terms of security?
Rsnail: I can promise that you’ll never have to worry about a breach similar to CPR’s again – the passwords are hashed properly, and thanks to us running on a custom made source, any lingering 0days in public sources such as Kitsune or Luna (which may affect other servers) will never be able to affect us!
Thank you for your time, Rsnail! To conclude, NewCP is definitely one of your best options if you’d like to play the classic Club Penguin once again, especially if you’re a player coming from Club Penguin to the CPPS community.
See you on NewCP!
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