RetroPenguin has Released + Commands!

Hello everybody,

I am here with good news — RetroPenguin has released! This CPPS is definitely super unique in several ways. It’s more of a somewhat older Club Penguin and has a few modern features I’m sure you’ll love. They’re also custom and it’s a great CPPS! The creator of RetroPenguin is Adam, and I have to hand it to him, he’s done a good job on this CPPS. Let’s login and explore!


Upon going on to the game, as you can see, there is already a lot of great things to look at. You are also greeted with a welcome message beforehand. There are a few things different. The emote button shows a different smiley, and instead of there being a safe chat button, there is a coin to replace it! Now, what happens when you click that coin? Let’s find out —


Oh, neat! There’s a credit system with features to buy! How do you earn credits? Every 10 minutes, you are given 150 credits just for being active. It’s a lot more simple than you think! I am also sure they will be adding more features to the credit store soon. What I also like about this CPPS is that you use #, /, and ! commands. Remind you of any old CPPS in particular?

Moving on, you can get rather older items. They look pretty rad here! —


They also look normal, of course, when you’re wearing the item. Something else I really like is how you can transform into certain creatures. All you say is /transform and a name. Once the commands page is released, I am sure they will add all of the possible transformations. For now, let’s check out what we can turn into! —


That is just one of the several possible transformations. I know you can also turn into something that goes by the name of “poof,” as well as cats and other things. Here is a list of all of the known transformations in the game so far —

  • Djinnpuffle
  • Nightwolf
  • Doge
  • 1 (to become a normal penguin)
  • Cat(1-5)
  • (Color) puffle – EX. !transform brownpuffle
  • Poof
  • Penguinisles

What’s also neat is that speed is free. You can say /speed and a number, and you will be speedy in no time! Did you also know that users can make custom rooms and send them in? You can help contribute to making RetroPenguin as custom as it can get!

Something I like very much is their whisper feature. You can say /whisper username message and you will successfully private chat a player. The command will not show for anybody besides you, and the player to receive your message will see it, and just them only. It’s very useful if you’re in the town, wanting to talk to your friend about a private issue. Let’s try this out! —


Looks like I just received a private message from Michael. Hello to you too!

Finally, what I really enjoy is when you send out a buddy request. You don’t see the usual smiley face square in the top right corner when someone accepts your friend request. You actually get notified through the mail symbol, which also adds to how unique this server really is. Here’s what I got when I clicked on my mail —

Hey, thanks Jared!

Did you know you can also change your name font? It’s simple, and it’s fun to do! Just say !font and the name of a font. It’ll refresh and change your name to that desired font. Easy! Let’s look at the “impact” font on my name —


Here is a list of all of the known fonts you can use so far —

  • Comic Sans MS
  • Arial black
  • Impact
  • Slender
  • Gothic UI
  • Tahoma
  • Wingdings
  • Webdings

Now, here is a list of all of the known commands on RetroPenguin (keep in mind you don’t have to use !, you could also use # or /). Please also remember you do not need to use the parenthesis in any of the commands below —

  • !ai
  • !newcp (placement) (ID)
  • !mood (mood)
  • !moodcolor (hex)
  • !speed (number)
  • !transform
  • !users
  • !credits
  • !id
  • !save (name)
  • !outfit (name)
  • !newcp photo (ID)
  • !font

Like any CPPS, there are ranks. The ranks on RetroPenguin are determined by namecolor. Here is yet another list so you know who is who on the game —

  • Purple = Game night winner (temporary role)
  • Yellow = Sponsor
  • Blue = Mediator
  • Green = Moderator
  • Red = Admin

Amazing! I love this server. You should definitely try it out. Join today and play RetroPenguin — you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!


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