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Aureus is a new programming and CPPS development forum. Join in on the conversation by starting a new topic, engage in others or simply just browse the forum. Create an account today to get started.

Aureus     –     


Your ultimate collection of Club Penguin .swf files, which are all stored within this archive, as they can no longer be accessed from Club Penguin’s servers.

 Club Penguin Archives


Finding the latest CPPS ID could never get easier! CP Items allows you to find any ID you require to add on CPPSes, in a very simple search.

 CPItems     –     


Ever wanted to create your very own CPPS? We’ve found you the quickest & easiest way to make one! You don’t need to be a CPPS genius to figure out how to make one here, simply press a few buttons and you have your very own free, or premium CPPS!

CPPSCreator   –     


CPPS Creator

 CPPS Creator     –     



A collection of Club Penguin .swf files.




Welcome to the RCHQ forums, your hub for OldCP news and socializing with one another! Join the forums today and start connecting.



Solero is back! Discuss the many topics that are trending now throughout this forum built for developers and enthusiastic CPPS players.



The Speedy CPPSHQ community discord chat is your home for CPPS discussion. Visit the chat to connect to others within the CPPS community, and even earn a rank within the chat for a server that you are a part of.

SCHQ Discord     –     


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