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Hey everyone!

As of yesterday, the RCHQ community released their forums to the public. The design is similar to the DSGHQ forums that was shut-down about a couple of months ago. The owner of the forum is Rocket and the designer is Luke. Let’s take a closer look of how the forum looks like.

Before entering the main page, you will need to go through the login process first. If you aren’t a member, make sure to register an account. After this, you will be redirected to the home page.

The home page is colorful. If you are a bit confused about the format of the forum, I will be explaining below how it works.

Top: The logo, menu options, profile, notifications (if you have received a like or comment on a post), mail (private message to other users), and logout.

Left: On the top of the color topics and below the advertisement, there is an introduction of the forum. Below that, you have the option to create a post (create discussion) and/or create a status. Last, but not least, the colorful part is the different categories that the posts are located.

Right: The pinned/important discussions and the recent discussions in different colors, related to which topic it belongs to. On the bottom of the recent discussions (not shown in the picture), you are able to see other people’s statuses.

Bottom (not shown in picture): The online list is shown depending on the last ten minutes the person signed in.

The cool thing about this forum is that you are able to check the updates for OldCP. Apart from that, the users get the chance to suggest an idea, send in a report, ask questions about a specific topic and even host a game.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the forum, you can either contact the staff members through discord, OldCP or through the Forum. Until next time!

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