Reintroducing CPRP – Back and more filled with action than ever


CPRP (Club Penguin RolePlay) was first introduced to the public in July 2016. Now, CPRP is literally back in action, with a more modernistic feel as well as a more adventurous feel which really brings out a unique experience for every player.

As you can see above, the new homepage gives even more details about the server

– Source: Club Penguin Roleplay Homepage

Yes, you heard correctly. The well-known game is back. In case you’ve never heard about Club Penguin Roleplay, let’s go through some of the classic features to CPRP. First, let’s try to rob a user. You must fend for your penguin in this game as it definitely brings out a GTA-like experience.

Throwing snowballs at another user is like throwing bullets out of your weapon. As we all know, you have to hit T really quickly to throw a bunch of snowballs at once. As bullets fly to your penguin of choice, their health points go down. See how the little bar under Zane is almost down totally? Penguins are actually able to dodge that heat by moving around. But first, you need a gun in order to send bullets.

That’s why there’s a gun store.

lookin pretty lit

From here, you’re able to buy armor, cars, ammo and of course guns. There are so many different types to choose from, which you’ll have to see for yourself once you try CPRP. Let’s get into gangs.

got mah own gang

You’re able to shoot penguins with your gang. So I could ask a couple of buddies to come on and join my own gang and we could actually work together to try to rob people of coins and become the MVP’s of the city. My own evil plan.

If I felt like it, I could rob a couple of penguins. All I’d have to do is go up to a penguin and say: rob username. This is one method to earn coins so you can buy anything from the store.

I guarantee that you can grasp adventure if you try CPRP today.

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