Recent release of SATURN.SX

Hello Penguins!

Just recently, a very promising CPPS has just released, and it’s called Saturn.SX!


The front page:

Simple, but effective!

As you can see, the front page is simple, but very effective. It definitely gives you the feeling of outer-space and it links perfectly with it’s name. There is nothing to distract you, and there are no advertisements. The simple layout looks extremely professional and very eye-opening.


The CPPS doesn’t have too many features as it doesn’t want to “overcrowd with useless features, and keeping it simple and fun”. However, it has enough features to make sure you have a fun time, 24/7!

Similar to Club Penguins start screen.

The front screen is quite normal, hence as it looks like Club Penguins normal start screen with a few tweaks by changing the name.


Amazing. You can find the manager by clicking in the top left at a pencil/tool icon.

This is one of the features that impressed me quite a lot, the manager. The manager consists of lots of sub-sections that include; Penguin, name, playercard, bubble, outfits and puffles. This is definitely worth checking out and ‘messing around’ with.

A look at the CPPS.

Looking at the CPPS, it looks neat, clean and organised. They’ve also added the Christmas Holiday Giveaways, so make sure to collect your prizes!


There isn’t much staff at the moment, the confirmed staff are Anthony and Snowflake, but they are very friendly and will always help you with any situation in-game.

To summarise:

It is a very promising CPPS, with limited features, but since it’s just recently opened, you will see more features added in. The website layout and CPPS layout is amazing, and the in-game manager and some unique features really do impress users.

Design: 9/10

Features: 9/10

Friendliness: 10/10

Join today: http://saturn.sx

Thank you,



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