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Hi guys,

Over the past 24 hours, there was a lot of disruption over at OldCP.

We begin with moderator accounts being broken into, by an attacker. If you didn’t know, OldCP has weapons. With certain ranks being equipped with weapons. The attackers logged into moderator accounts and shot and killed many users, with them then losing access to their accounts, until revived.

This caused panic across OldCP, with the fear of users having their personal account information breached.

We spoke exclusively to Charles, who is the relieving OldCP owner, to find the cause of what went down.

What happened?

We were hacked by Adam.

How are things going now?

Thing’s are good now.
I have managed to patched the exploit, Adam was grabbing the login authentication token, since I never looked at the login method cuz damen originally wrote it all but I’ve managed to patch it.

Was Adam able to gain access to the database?

Not database. He used a script to login into mod accounts.

He could only login through the play page. No passwords were leaked.

Note: This interview has been directly sourced (with quotes) through discord.

After the brief discussion, Charles has clarified that no account information was ever leaked, and attackers were able to gain access to moderator accounts after finding a script on the login, enabling anyone to login to any account using the password ‘iBiZaTwIsTi‘.

All affected accounts have now been revived, and the issues have now been corrected.

In other OldCP news, Damen, the original founder has left for good. Charles broke the news with this following message:

Hey @everyone I inform this with a very heavy heart that Lord Damen has left us for good. He won’t be returning and please checkout his last youtube video below. We wish him all the best and good luck in his life and his future. I’ll surely miss him a lot and his legacy OldCP shall be continued. P.S You might find the video a bit sad so grab some tissues.

Source: OldCP Discord Chat – Announcements

Damen has left us with the following video message on his departure, also answering a common question by the users, is OldCP cursed?

Due to Damens departure, and a change in ownership, the staff was also reset. This now refreshes the team with new and old staff being selected to join the team.

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