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Hey everyone!

Today Prospekt’s owner Selene gave me some awesome sneak peeks from this upcoming CPPS called Prospekt. There is just so much stuff to show you. Well, let’s get right into the first one!


Here’s the new custom town of Prospekt. Looks absolutely great! It is nice to see how  people are good at designing this kind of stuff. There are 3 buildings at the town, Prospekt Inc, Police station and Clothes shop. All three are modern looking buildings. I’ll surely make sure to visit those buildings!


There is also this cool looking water park.  It is also designed by Selene. I cannot wait to test those water slides! This room will be the perfect place to hang out with your friends, other players or staff members.

Then for some other stuff. As Selene told me: ”There are four different islands. The main island is the regular CP, and there’s different islands with different things in them. Such as the water park and the Deauxon area.”

There are many jobs on the island such as President, Supervisor, Manager and Employee. Everyone gets a chance to get some sort of job and will be paid with coins. So this means,  YOU can earn coins from different jobs and games.  You start off with five thousand coins, when you first join the game.

You can also request for custom items in-game from Employees. The employees will also tell your ideas/requests to the developers.

This is what most of the players have been waiting for after Dev’s other post, which is related to Prospekt too!

On the other hand, Prospekt’s Grand Opening date is announced!


I’m sure that everyone will have lots of fun there and make sure to join  and invite your other friends!  There might be a lot of staff members online when there is a GRAND OPENING, so make sure to have fun with them too!

I guess this post has to end sometime soon so I might just end it here.

Prospekt is looking for developers and other staff members. If you are interested, message Selene at discord. Also, if you have any more questions or anything, you should probably ask one of the Prospekt’s staff. You can contact them on discord (down below).

Prospekt’s discord



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