New CPPS: PrepCP


Hi guys,

We have stumbled across a brand new server, which is truly eye opening, called PrepCP.

This server, resembles its name quite well, founded only days ago by Sloof & Lirpa. The server is very well structured with a interesting theme and idea towards it. PrepCP itself is meant to structure a perfect environment for preps. Here is what one of the owners, Sloof has told us:

We want to stand out from other CPPS’, create an image for ourself. We are tired of seeing prep’s to not be accepted on other cpps’, banned, judged and mocked by other users, it’s time that we change this whole attitude. Myself and Lirpa has worked together on this project for the past month, and we finally think this will be the home for preps, and preps only.

This bold statement gives us the idea that the theme of this cpps heavily revolves around creating an environment for preps to enjoy. So it was only fitting that we checked it out.

The custom town, heavy with dominant pink and purple’s.

The CPPS has just evacuated from it’s beta stage, but it is still in development. With many features already added, such as:

  • Name Glow
  • Bubble Color
  • Cloning Outfits
  • !UP Prep (1-10) command, with 10 different default prep styles to choose from.
  • !Event (1,2,3) – host your own event, displayed via the bot.
  • Custom colors
  • Custom Rooms
  • Custom items – Starbucks coffee (ID 1827), iPhone 6+ (ID 1828), Perfect Pink Diary (ID 1829).

Lirpa is the owner and also designer, and is currently working on creating a massive Prep Party, launching at 8PM EST TONIGHT! Be sure to be there, along with the opportunity to meet the prep mascots Jenna, Marela, Lolita & Mary.

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APRIL FOOLS! – PrepCP is not a real CPPS.



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