Portal Penguin Updates!


Hey people!

Portal Penguin’s owner Leth told me that the CPPS has been updated. Today I will show you some new features and other upcoming cool stuff. Let’s get right into the updates!

New PM system!

They changed the classic PM system to this new one which pops up to the top right of the screen. It’s much easier to send PMs now with the command !PM. For example !PM Swegy Message.



Support and Manager!

Support and Manager has been added, but they are currently under maintenance. Support is the same kind of support as CPPS.me has, which means good service. The Manager is a custom made one and it looks awesome so far. Sadly didn’t get a picture before it went under maintenance.

Call Center!

Also this is a really cool thing. Portal penguin is right now the only CPPS which has a call center, they help you with anything related to this CPPS.

Leth said:  ”They provide with the following things: moderator application checks, password reset and in-game assistance (such as why your banned or why can’t I login).”

Then I have some upcoming features.

Playercard Hue

Dock Hue

BFF/Marry System

Lottery System (Price is VIP)


That’s all info that I got from Leth. See you soon!

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