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Enjoy these exclusive features & images presented by only SpeedyCPPSHQ!

Polar is an upcoming CPPS created by prodigy, Polaris and cola. The CPPS has a lot of upcoming features which I will of course include it in my post. First let’s start off with their website.

The website looks pretty decent, it also has a dev blog where you can follow latest news posted by them.

Now. Let’s get started with their in-game features!

The background and the loader looks awesome! I’m expecting more stylish designs from them! 😀

Look! It’s summer, I like the decent design created by them. However the town is still under development which means it is not ready yet!

What is that? Yes, a private message system where you can message your friends privately which is very useful for private matters.

A user panel where you can Change username, change password, manage vip settings and view your credits information.

Enough with the images, I will now include a feature list about this upcoming CPPS.

  1. Custom Interface (not featured in the images)

  2. User Control Panel (in-game)

  3. Credits system (awarded every 10 minutes)

  4. VIP is purchased with credits, not cash!

  5. Tons of features for VIP users (can’t disclose too much!)

  6. Age, rank and mood displayed on your playercard.

  7. Playercard music.

  8. Playercard glows.

  9. Marry & bff system.

  10. Reputation system.

  11. Report system (redesigned and improved)

  12. Referrals (refer a valid friend, get 1000 credits!)

  13. Private message system.

…and a lot more that will be shown to the community next month!

Did you know they are looking for moderators? You can visit this Link for applying!

Oh my god! This looks like an awesome CPPS! SpeedyCPPSHQ will definitely keep you updated with it’s release until then?



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