Polar – Inside look

Hey Guys,

We’re here today to deliver some inside sneak peeks of the upcoming CPPS Polar. Which at this minute is still in development and later on they will be releasing an alpha test of the server. I’ve spoken to one of the owners of the server and got some exclusive pictures of the server. He also stated that the alpha testing was supposed to be Friday but it may be delayed.

Very nice, simple server selection design.

This here we got Prodigy showing off his playercard which appears to have hue, playercard music, and custom beaks which may have custom beak hues.

Polar has a in-game manager that allows users to change the specifications of their transformations, beaks, status, and PC (playercard) hue.

Lastly, you can send PM’s to any user across the island.

Polar seems like a great CPPS and I really hope y’all consider playing this server once it releases. I can guarantee you guys will not be disappointed.


  • Shawn



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