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Hey everyone,

It’s your neighborhood administrator Camden here. I have some odd news. This is usual for me, because I’m odd. If you didn’t notice that yet, read over my introduction post again! Anyways, I have some exciting/odd news. Remember how Polar was closing last night? It’s coming back!

At about 9:30EST last night, Prodigy created a post on the Polar blog stating:

Unfortunately, a situation that occurred earlier caused an administrator to worry just a little bit. It ultimately led to Polar potentially being shut down, but once everything calmed down, we decided there was no reason for Polar to be closed.

Chain of events:

  • Polar loses 3 moderators in a matter of minutes
  • Some features are not completely ready for 7:30pm release
  • DDoS attack is sent to our main server, but mitigated shortly after.

This caused one of the admins to get nervous and decided the project needed to be scrapped.

We have reversed everything and are hoping to relaunch Polar on July 8th. All accounts that have been registered are still there.

Who doesn’t like that kind of news? Polar itself is coming back to the public July 8th, with even more features ready for your use. We don’t have much information on these features for now, but we’ll keep you updated.

Also, we’re pretty sure Polar is still looking for support team members. Polar unfortunately doesn’t take Twitter requests to apply for moderator/support, so you can contact a Polar staff member on our Discord for more information if you’re interested in applying for support.

SpeedyCPPSHQ will bring you more information on Polar throughout it’s development.


Your neighborhood administrator


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