People’s opinions on VIPenguin.

Hello everyone,

Today, we have got some pretty interesting opinions from players from VIPenguin based off of five questions!


  1. Please mention something you liked about VIPenguin.
  2. Please mention something you did not really like about it.
  3. What is your favorite feature?
  4. What is something you found interesting or cool on the game?
  5. Any feedback or additional comments you would like to mention about VIPenguin?

First off, we would like to thank our first volunteer, Scabies who took the time to answer some questions and giving us his say about VIPenguin! Let’s see what Scabies had to say.

  1. I liked the design and overall accessibility of the website itself. As well as the penguin manager. I found them both easy to navigate and use.
  2. I didn’t really like the fact that you have to buy VIP. Of course, everyone would say this and It’s essential to keep the website up, but I had to mention one thing I didn’t like and that was it.
  3. My favorite feature was the fact that you can change you character’s opacity (this would only be available with vip though).
  4. I liked the fact that they had an English, German, Russian and worldwide server to cater for everyone.
  5. Finally, I’d like to say that it has its own item list, which helps a lot when trying to find items.
Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed hearing our first volunteer Scabies opinions just like I did! Now, let’s on move on to our next volunteer.
We would like to thank our fellow second volunteer, Kevin for also giving us his time to answer some questions, share his opinion and his say for VIPenguin! Let’s dive right in and see what he had to say!
  1. I like the dj2k thing in the game.
  2. I didn’t like that the safety of the CPPS seemed to be really poor. I also don’t like how there aren’t many users.
  3. I didn’t really have any favorite feature in specific.
  4. I don’t really have anything specific I found interesting/cool on the game.
  5. None that I can think of at the moment.
Okay, readers! That was pretty interesting, wasn’t it? I hope you have enjoyed reading this volunteer’s say as well! Now, let’s move on to our last volunteer.
We would like to thank our last volunteer, Coolstar for taking his time to answer the questions and giving us his say. Keep reading, and see what he had to say!
Please mention something you liked about VIPenguin.
  1. I like how the membership was free.
  2. I did not like how some games that Club Penguin had complete weren’t complete on VIPenguin.
  3. I don’t have any favorite feature at the moment.
  4. How you can make friends, and how fun it is.
  5. Again, I really like how the membership is free. That was really awesome.
Our dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed our last volunteer’s say/opinions. Although he spoke fluently in Spanish and gave a shot at trying out his say in English, he did a wonderful job, don’t you think?
We will end this post from here.
Thank you for reading! Keep tuned in for our upcoming posts!


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